Why incompetency of Hindus is a threat?

Welcome to 2021 another year of Hindu killing by agents of peace. The previous year it was the Delhi 2020 riots and now the killing of Hindus in Bengal. And guess what? We all are again back playing the victim card. Our leaders trying to express their grief via tweets. Our way of expressing anguish is sitting in a pranayam position and demanding Mamta’s undemocratic govt. to act. The affected Hindus beg and run from door to door for help. In the end, all they are left with is raped daughters, burned homes, and a dead father or brother.

Democracy goes for a toss

As soon as poll results were announced TMC unleashed their ruthlessness on Hindus Bengal especially those who supported BJP. Some of them like Abhijit gosh was lynched and even they crushed his puppies to further show their evil acts. Women were gang-raped, houses were destroyed, men were lynched and slaughtered.

Hindus leaving Bengal after political killings by the TMC

According to the district authorities, more than 2,000 victims of the political violence in Bengal have entered Assam and many have taken shelter in people’s houses or with relatives. The administration says it will ensure the security of the refugees till the tense times tide over on the other side of the interstate border.

We are taught to abide by the law, keep the constitution above religion. But is the law able to protect us? Or the constitution helping the Hindu community to breathe in a secular India? If tomorrow my fellow Hindu brother or sister is being slaughtered or raped in front of me then what should be my immediate response?? Should I call up the local police for formality? Or should I go and try my best to defend them against the culprits. Do you really think the local police are unaware of such acts which are about to happen?

This is what a BJP supporter has to say:-“My crime is that I supported the BJP. They attacked us, looted our property, cattle and mistreated our women. Our own known people. We are fortunate that we saved ourselves,” lamented one among the crowd at the refugee shelter in Golakganj, Dhubri district.

Failure of BJP’s leadership

A karyakarta/party worker is the soul of the party. It is all the blood and sweat of the workers which makes the lotus bloom. From door-to-door campaignings, raising funds, fighting anti-narratives. In Bengal even the party-state president Dilip gosh was attacked during the election campaigns. The mood was already set by the TMC asuras that they will win it by any means. Whether it requires the killing of opposition party workers.

Dilip gosh attacked

Party workers killed after election results: Shova Rani Mondal (Jagaddal, North 24 Parganas); Uttam Ghosh (Ranaghat, Nadia); Abhijit Sarkar (Beliaghat, Kolkata); Horom Adhikari (Sonarpur Dakshin, South 24 Parganas); Momik Moitra (Sitalkuchi, Cooch Behar); and, Gourab Sarkar (Bolpur, Birbhum).

Seeing the situation in Bengal the BJP leadership announced nationwide dharna in solidarity with the workers killed. Outcome? More killings of BJP workers? By showing the world that we believe in ethical methods what difference does it make? In the end, your men should be protected no matter the way. If you are not standing with your men in their hardships then what message it gives out??

BJP official tweet

The outburst of Hindus on Social media

Since the Covid 2nd wave and killings of Hindus in Bengal, many RW people and Hindu masses are mad at the Namo regime. Some even went ahead and referred to him as a “Hinjra”. There is no problem with healthy criticism but toxic criticism should not be entertained. The left-wing wokes, Mullahs, liberals, etc are better at doing that. What is our responsibility as Hindu? How long expressing anguish on Social media and abusing our own leaders would work? Building up the pressure for a positive outcome in the favour of Hindu society is something else. But things do not look that way nowadays.

We should always keep one thing in mind do we have a better leader than Namo?? Running anti campaigns against him would in the end let the vulture party rise to power. Imagine Mamta as a PM and Akhilesh as a Home Minister. In every state, Bengal will repeat. So the quality of criticism should be chosen wisely considering the damage it could do.

Although we are trying to do our bit to fight the online narrative war we as Hindus need to act on the ground too. We are bad at mobilizing people. One of us may have the courage to lead but the Hindu masses would not support it. Wars cannot be fought sitting on the couch with a smartphone. We need to be there for each other. VHP, Bajrang dal should be strengthened. The attitude of collectiveness needs to be developed among us. The religious gurus should also encourage their disciples to prepare for the worst. Or else wait for your mother, sister to be picked up and the house being burned down.

Your battle is my battle, we fight together.”



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