Why people don’t act for Dharma?

This freedom is being threatened in many ways today, although there are those who either refuse to admit it, refuse to see it, or are hesitant to work together to save it. This blindness and hesitancy must be overcome.- Stephen knapp

Do Hindus know what is preached in the innumerable churches and mosques across India? Hindu gods are called devils by Christian missionaries. Yet Hindus neither defend their gods nor challenge the Abrahamic dogmas in spite of having a solid philosophical basis for their beliefs, which is lacking in Christianity and Islam.- Maria wirth

Video of a kid from Pak warning Hindus
Young Bhagat Singh in jail

India did not get independence from British on the strength of a non-violent movement alone as contributions and sacrifices of revolutionaries made over a long period of time were equally important-Sumitra Mahajan(Former Lok Sabha Speaker)



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Shivam Rawat

Shivam Rawat

Founder Pen of Dharma|I am a voice of dharma trying to present a logical & systematic understanding of Hinduism by answering doubts and misconceptions.